Tip #1 Know that the brain is an organ

The brain is like any other organ in the body and is responsible for a lot more things than we give it credit for. And sometimes, like the heart, liver and lungs has a problem and does not function properly anymore.  We tend to forget about this in our society and because most of the time we cannot “measure” the brain in the same way we measure the heart, liver or lungs we approach these type of problems differently. We tend to look for a quick fix or “magic thought” that would solve our ROCD problems. Sometimes it will require medication to balance out the hormones in the brain. Some mental disorders such as depression and anxiety have been linked to neurotransmitters problems in the brain. Sometimes exercise will help stimulate the brain to self-heal. Other times it just goes away with time. Other times you will need a combination of different things.

The important thing is to realise that our understanding of the brain is not perfect and evolving.

Here is an interesting link to think about.



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