What is rOCD?

If you are here, most likely you already know that rOCD stands for relationship obsessive compulsive disorder. You have read about rOCD and your biggest question might be “do I really have rOCD?” I will get into this question in another post…

I guess that rOCD is a different experience for everyone because we are all different. However, many stories from rOCD sufferers share similar elements. Similar obsessions, compulsions, behaviors, warped thinking, etc…

There are many different ways of defining rOCD. I really like this definition taken from OCD-UK (http://www.ocduk.org/rocd)

ROCD is commonly used to refer to fears associated with Relationship OCD, where sufferers obsessively question whether their current partner is really the right person for them, and whether they actually love their partner or not, even in the most loving of relationships.

Many good relationships are thrown away because of this dreadful condition. It can impact lives very strongly and because there are no obvious compulsions those around us do not really understand what is going on inside our minds and how we feel. It takes both a physical and psychological toll.  In most causes it is associated with depression and anxiety and because of that the focus tend to be on these two “symptoms” and not on the root cause -rOCD.

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