Tip #11 Focus on action not results

One thing that we might not realise is that our focus as ROCD sufferers should shift from results to action. I will explain this further:

We have ROCD. We want to be better or get cured from ROCD. It is only natural. But at the same time we are building this expectation into the brain – getting better or getting cured. What this does is to instruct the brain to check regularly if we are better or cured. And once anything “strange” pops up this will flair up our anxiety and sometimes ROCD. Someone once said that “If you dig deep enough you will struck oil” the same it is with our brains…

If we focus on actions rather than results it turns out to be a more powerful approach. And ask ourselves the question: “Are we doing all we can do get better?” This might mean practicing some CBT exercises, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and learning about other things about OCD. In addition, learn to do this with a compassionate approach to yourself. New routines are difficult to build so don’t expect to fall into a new one straight way.

Remember: Our long term goal is to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Once we learn how to do that we will start to enjoy life a lot more. ROCD will turn from a large stone around our neck into a small pebble inside our shoe.


    1. Thanks for the comment! Took me a long time to realise that it is better to work towards that than expecting to be “cured”. Glad that you found something useful as well!

  1. This is one of the best sites for ROCD sufferers.

    I have lost a beautiful relationship due to ROCD – but had no idea obout it then. Since that relationship ended I haven’t found the courage to date again (next year it will be 5 years). That’s how devastating it was to me.. is for everyone suffering. During the time i was single ROCD did diminish a little, but hasen’t left .. now I know that the fear of a possible future relationship is what keeps it alive. Hope I will be able to face that fear once and for all.

    Keep on doing the good work :))

    1. Hi Darja, thanks for the comment. I have a friend that I believe suffers from ROCD. Unfortunately, for her she keeps on going from relationship to relationship once the anxiety kicks in. The best thing is to take one day at a time and face your fears. The more you pay attention to your fears, the more they will want more attention. But now you know that you suffer from a ROCD – your next relationship can only be better than the previous one.

  2. Blip, thank you for your response :). It’s true, after years of my own research online I now know a lot more .. i guess i know what i’m dealing with.
    I realise that i will have obssesive thoughts in every relationship, but my REACTION to these thoughts is something i CAN control. I hope. 🙂
    For me, leaving that relationship after 7 years of ROCD agony was awful.. and i said i would rather be alone that having to go through that again. Only in the last year i am starting to think obout the possibility of dating again.. and to hear stories of people who did manage to overcome rocd (at least a big part), so that they still can have a happy relationship.
    I hope that i’ll have that chance.

    1. Hi there, I do not see any reason why you shouldn’t be able to go back and enjoy a relationship with someone else. The only thing that sometimes keep us from moving forward is to look back often and not moving from a problem to a solution mindset. It will take a lot of work, ups and downs and stress but I am 100% confident that anyone can get there despite of their past. Don’t make yourself an impossible case! If I could do it, anyone can! 🙂

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