Tip #16 How can mindfulness help?

There are different ways of defining mindfulness and mindfulness practice. I like to think about mindfulness as a tool that help us realise that our bodies and minds are entities of their own and that we are not at fault for most of the things that are going own. For example, if you have a bad thought that does not make you a bad person. If you have a thought that comes into your mind, that does not mean that the thought is true either.

Mindfulness goes beyond raising awareness of thoughts and looks at feelings and other bodily sensations. We start slowly to realize that we go through cycles of feelings, body sensations and thoughts and that all these are part of being human. If we are serious about recovering from ROCD then we need to develop serious mindfulness skills.

By increasing our awareness, we also increase our acceptance. By increasing our acceptance, we start to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and our anxiety decreases. We start to see more clearly with this new understanding. The objective is not to feel better but to feel better.

In my previous posts I have talked about other techniques and they can be put in context like this:

CBT – Understand and disarm your enemy

ERP – Fight your enemy

Mindfulness – Do not mind your enemy

I have also given quotes for the other two therapies. The quote for Mindfulness would be this one:

The greatest victory, is the battle not fought. Chinese Proverb


Read more about mindfulness, buy a book on the subject, watch some videos on Youtube

Here is a good starting point – MINDFULNESS VIDEO


Think and visualise your anxious thoughts as leaves in a stream. Observe the constant flow of thoughts coming and going.

Learn how to incorporate mindfulness practice into your daily routine. 


  1. Mindfulness is the most important of all. It can be used against almost all types of OCD, anxiety and negative thoughts !

  2. I’ve been using mindfulness recently and came across this article on how it works for people with OCD.
    Hope it helps 🙂

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