Tip #9 Misery loves company

One of the most difficult things for people with ROCD is that in most cases they have to battle not only ROCD but anxiety and depression as well. So it is a triple fight. Sometimes even other forms of OCD.And this can be a very hard process. So give yourself a break.

The good thing is that by tackling anxiety and depression your ROCD symptoms will likely improve because the techniques to treat these conditions tend to be the same or shame similar principles.

What this means:

Learn to recognise the first symptoms of anxiety or depression. Have set strategies to deal with them. These could range from shopping to mindfulness meditation to watching a funny tv show. The important thing is to not let yourself be sucked into the spiral of depression and anxiety.


Write down 3 things that you notice about yourself when you start to think anxious and depressed and what led to them.

Now write down things you can do to help you cope with them. Remember that the long term objective is not help you run away from it but to be comfortable in their presence.

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