Tip #22 Some links worth visiting

This week, I have decided to give everyone a break from this blog and recommend some other links.

The first link is related to ROCD research that is going on in the  psychological community. It is about a group based in Israel led by Dr. Doron. They have done extensive research on the causes and mechanics of ROCD. They also have a questionnaire relating to ROCD diagnosis available. Not sure if they intended to use it to diagnose ROCD patients or not but it looks pretty simple and effective.

It is also interesting that they have split ROCD into two different groups: type I or type II. The only downside is that I could not find much information about the effectiveness of different treatments for ROCD i.e. what works best and what doesn’t to improve ROCD.


The questionnaire is here:


This second link is for an NHS website relating to tools in mental health. I really liked these tools as I have used the depression tool with my family doctor before and after I started my medication and counselling. It was great to see how I had improved my score over time. You will find more tools there to measure mood, stress and depression. What I really like about this link is that after you do the tests, it will give you a score, interpret it and direct you to other websites on how to improve your current situation.



Ask yourself – Is this information going to help me move towards better mental health? Is it providing short, medium and long term solutions for my ROCD, anxiety and depression?

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