Tip #23 The chicken and egg

I can’t think of a better example than the story about the chicken and the egg to describe what goes on with anxiety and ROCD. What comes first? ROCD thoughts or anxiety? If we could go back to the beginning of our personal story maybe we would be able to tell…

Anxiety can take many shapes in the body, mind(thoughts) and spirit (emotions). If you want an exhaustive list you can see one here: http://www.anxietycentre.com/anxiety-symptoms.shtml

It is well known that ROCD thoughts can trigger anxiety. What is less known is that anxiety (and depression) can trigger ROCD thoughts. This happens because our brains learned to make this connection after a while.I call this the ROCD – anxiety – ROCD cycle. Why is this important? Because it tell us that in order to improve from ROCD it is also important to tackle our anxiety and learn how to break this cycle.

Once we learn how to do this  with the help of CBT, ERP, Mindfulness or medication, our ROCD improves greatly.

One comment

  1. Hi my name is Amanda, I have been reading your article for almost an hour and a half.I have been going through ROCD lately again. I’ve been doing nothing but guard my heart but I feel like I am losing the battle. I have been with my Boyfriend for 3 years and 5 months now. I’ve been fighting with myself bc I am so scared that what I am feeling is real… I breakdown and cry all the time bc I don’t wanna lose him he is the most important person in my life.
    I use to have a therapist I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety and separation anxiety. I believe what started my Rocd was this. In the beginning of my boyfriend lived lived with me for a whole year and a half. It was wonderful ♥ but then he had to move… it hurt alot bc I knew I won’t be able to wake up to him everyday… the anxiety got worse I started crying everyday I use to hit myself on the head really hard… I vried bc my thoughts made me think I wasn’t in love with him or that ur only with him bc he lived with u… there was alot more but that would be alot to type. I was going through that for half a year..

    Now it feels worser than before… whenever I leave his house I have tiny anxiety attacks. But I only left his house for 6 days this time I have no idea what triggered it at all.. I have been under alot of stress do to finding a job or my family’s stress… it feels like I felt 2 years ago… 😥 it feels like all the emotions I have been feeling are real… I hate it! :”'( ive been looking up answers on google or I keep asking my Boyfriend and my friends about my problems…… whenever I feel love for my boyfriend I have a negative feeling in the back of my mind due to me being scared that this love feeling I have for him is not real… it hurts so much 😦 my heart hates the idea of being separated from him but then it feels like my heart feels like it believing everything the anxiety is saying is true… please help me 😥 I don’t wanna lose my soul mate! I wanna be cured just like how you were in the article I read about u and ur wife. I wannna happy ending too with my boyfriend!
    You can either email me or write on here either one is fine with me 🙂

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