Tip#34 The last post?

Hi everyone,

I have decided to make this the last tip post on this blog. I might still post some challenges and links to interesting articles. I am doing this for a couple of reasons:

a) I am trying to focus on putting all the tips together and write a book (as suggested by some people)

b) I believe that the all the necessary information for people to get better from ROCD is already available on the blog

c) I do not want the blog to feed into compulsions – for a long period of time I searched different forums and internet blogs to find that “perfect” answer or advice to get better without really doing something about it. I was looking for a magic cure

d) One tip that you apply is a million times better than a 1000 tips that you read

e) I am very mindful of information paralysis (you can google this one) – the same as going to the supermarket to buy something and it takes twice the time to decide what you want because there are very similar options on display.

f) This is not a blog like others where you have to produce content all the time to keep visitors coming back to the blog. I am a great believer in simplicity and action in an age of information overload.

I will still be available to be contacted by email and help anyone that needs help. 


  1. Hello Bruno,

    Thank you for everything you have done for me. I Will keep in touch with e-mail. Maby you can create a forum on this site were people can communicate. Very much succes with your book if it’s ready i wanna buy the first one. For people that need someone to talk About ocd e- mail to gast87_3@hotmail.com. Maby we can help eachother.

    Greets from Holland


  2. I hope you realise how many of us you help. Thank you for taking the time to write the tips and answering everyone either on the blog or personally. You have provided us all with hope that we can beat this thing, you are living proof of that. I love your pay it forward attitude. You went through hell with this disease and when you got better, you decided to help others get through it too by starting this blog. I know I will be forever grateful for that, no matter what the outcome with me and my boyfriend. So thank you Bruno. Hypergirl xx

  3. =( I’m sad to see this end, but what you say makes sense. I echo Tom’s idea… perhaps the site could transform into a forum of sorts where people could post and talk about their experiences? One of the hardest things about ROCD is the sense of isolation… it seems rare enough that there’s no one to talk to about it… it’s hard to feel so alone while dealing with something so difficult. It’s invaluable to have a place where those of us who are affected can exchange ideas and talk about our experiences. Hope you give the idea some consideration…

  4. Thank you Blip,

    thank you for all the calm and rational help. It really helped me (and all of us i can see from the other posts). Even if I’m still struggling with this beast (it’s constantly mutating) you gave me the strength to look towards the future and without being paralized inside my brain searching for the “solution”. This is why I understand that you are doing it for yourself but for us too. We cannot depend on this or that forum! We gotta work a way through this mess like you did!

    I wish you the best of luck for your book! And thank you again!

  5. Hi there, I have recently found your website and found it really helpful, thank you. I have in my opinion had ROCD on and off for many years and am unfortunately experiencing quite a big relapse at the moment. Would it be possible to email you?

  6. Blip, can i ask you a quick question…

    were the drugs prescribed to you SSRI (like Prozac)? and how long did you take them? Are you still taking them?
    I went to the terapist for the first time yesterday and after not been convinced it was ODC related, she changed her mind and admitted it (of course my mind think she’s lying to force me to realized by myself it’s not- I try not to listen to these words), and she wants to give me some SSRI while she thinks about some E/R as she said that pue O is not that easy. Now, i’m quite scared it’ll drug me without sorting the problem!
    thank you for your help!

    1. Yes it was an SSRI – Citalopram. I took them for almost a year before starting to cut down the dose. I am not taking anything anymore.It took maybe 2-3 months before starting to see some improvement in my thinking. I wasn’t obsessing as much and the anxiety diminished. Glad that you are taking positive steps!

  7. I recently found this article and thought I would share. I thought it would be interesting for other sufferers to read as well, might shed more light coming from a different perspective. It basically at the end states everything Blip has been saying.

    For example,these parents have awful thoughts about harming/abusing their children, which they would never ever do, so they begin to question, form compulsions and obsessions (like us). Their kids= most precious thing in their lives. For us, we imagine leaving, cheating, not really loving our partners, etc. Our partners= what is most precious to us, so of course the ocd attacks them.

    When you really let this article sink in, you can see that it is the exact same thing we are experiencing, just a different flavor. It is not your relationship, it is you, it is ocd, and that is what needs improvement. I’m still trying to get better myself!


  8. I have come back to this site here and there simply because it became somewhat of a compulsion. I know there won’t be any more posts, but when I relapse I check to see if there are any new comments. This is not healthy. I am going to dedicate myself now. I will not look back at this post until 34 days from now, when I spent time and mental focus on one post per day, instead of just quickly browsing through them and trying to obtain all the help I could get at once. If you’re like me, realize that this blog may have become a compulsion. It has become what I know and feel safe with, but to beat this I need to confront everything I’m afraid of. So I will meditate, do my own research, and pull from these blogs once a day. Wish me luck.

  9. This website changed my life. So steadfastly written and responsibly structured. While I think I have read the entire history of the posts at this point (like a good OCD ;), I am not sure I came across any recommendations regarding treatment providers (who perhaps work via Skype/phone sessions since there are so few who specialize in ROCD) along with books addressing this specific form of the disorder. I will email you privately (thank you for making yourself so generously available) but thought a public response to either of these may be helpful to others suffering from relationship substantiation issues as well. Thank you so much for your invaluable service here.

    1. Hi Shannon, you have made very good points. I have tried linking some books but for some reason WordPress will not let me post them. I might have to upgrade this blog account to a paid one to do be able to a couple of other things that I can’t really do with the blog. I have a plan to do this before the end of the year!

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