Hi everyone,

This is just a quick update to all of those  people that subscribed to this blog.

1) As you have noticed, there have been some changes to the blog’s theme. The reason for this is that I had an email from one of you mentioning that the posts are hard to navigate. I am trying something different and would like your feedback. I will be trying different things to see what works best.

2) I have started writing a book about ROCD  with all my experiences and hopefully I will have it ready by the end of the year.

3) I am going to be a father to a baby boy for the first time at the end of August (I am sharing the picture that my wife posted today on her Facebook page). We are both very happy and excited! That would have never ever crossed my mind during my worst ROCD period. So there is hope for everyone! I had to fight anxiety, depression and OCD at the same time. And I imagine that a lot of you are in that same place too.

4) I understand that a lot of you are still struggling finding the right support and navigating through the tons of information available. I am going to make myself available on Skype after work if you would like to ask questions about my experience. Drop me a line here if you are interested – pingfrance@hotmail.com. Don’t worry about videoing – we can talk using the voice chat facility.


  1. I think It’s wonderful what you are doing. You are helping sooo many people struggling with this disorder. And your blog is really useful and to the point! I couldn’t have said it better! 🙂

    Also, congratulation on becoming a father!! 🙂

    It’s brave that you’re putting yourself out there .. although I do feel 95% better I still think that doing what you’re doing would push me back … maybe it’s just that I haven’t really faced my ROCD fears since my last experiance (my long term relationship) – meaning i haven’t had any relationship for obout 5 years and don’t know if i ever will. But I’ll sure keep on trying!! :))

    Just wanted to say that…

    All well, Darja

    1. Congradulations Blip!
      Even Im still suffering,having a baby is the best thing ever happened to me!
      You are truly a good person for doing this.

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