Feeling sorry for ourselves

imgresI could just not share this today, as I believe that there are at least 3-4 principles in this video that relate to rOCD. Thank you to one of the people that emailed me and typed rOCD and not Rocd or ROCD, in their message. The first form is the correct one.

There is no magic bullet for rOCD. It is not a flick of a switch. What it is, is a commitment to a daily change in attitude. Here is what I mean:

Change takes time. Change might take medication, therapy and other things but above all a quiet determination to make the most out of our present circumstance. OK, things might not be ideal but what is the next good thing?


  1. Hy! I just wanted to say what kind of relief was finding your blog. I’m 18, and this is my first relationship.( the only one that’s worth calling it that). We have known each other for a very long time, and developed huge connection on friendly basis, and in meantime realised we’re perfect for each other. And after two weeks, this terrible anxiety appeared. I thought I was going nuts and felt sudden urge to leave my bf, although he’s everything I ever wanted. Disturbing thoughts racing in my mind, crying and wanting the relief. Of course, the only relief I could think of was leaving my bf. Which would scare me even more, because I love him. Today I found your blog and I’m so grateful and relieved. I know there’s no instant way of solving problem, but just knowing what’s happening to me is so precious. Can’t wait for another post 😀

    1. Yes, Rita your story is common to a lot of ROCD sufferers including myself….Hopefully, you will be able to move forward as you seek further advice and help from different people and practice daily.

      1. Hey Blip,

        Would you consider doing a blog post on how to deal with anxiety whilst under alot of external stress (say from school or work). I was basically anxiety free for two months when an overwhelming workload at university and a death in the family caused me to relapse recently.

        Keep up the amazing work!

    2. Rita,
      Your story is ridiculously similar to mine. Though I am 2 years older and this is not my first girlfriend, i have known her for over 6 years and I connect with her on another level than I have previously felt and she is my best friend. I’ve tried everything and the only thing that is helping me move forward is living mindfully and above all determination. Try to employ these daily and you should be well on your way.

      Keep it up!

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