May Update


Hi everyone!

As you might have seen by now, the face of the blog has changed. I am trying to follow up on some requests from people that have been emailing me about the structure of the blog and other add-0ns that might help people to better navigate the blog.Some changes:

-I  have bought the domain for a year, which should make the blog easier to find for newcomers.

-I am in the process of splitting the posts into different categories – this should make posts easier to find

– and creating a 8 week program based on some of the posts. This will NOT cure your rOCD but should help you gain a better structure in your life for recovery to happen. Again, I stress recovery not cure (I have covered the why’s in another post).

– There is a recent comments box where you can share your views as well on the discussions there are currently taking place. Please do share your positive experiences that are enabling you to move forward. Some people have appreciated this very much.

– There is a page view counter at the end of the right hand column. The reason why is there is to remind everyone that there are lot of other people in the world struggling with the same problem!

– I am still reorganising the structure, so some posts might actually be harder to find until I finish the project!


  1. Hi blip, I read through the whole blog this morning upon waking up next to my girlfriend of six months and feeling extremely anxious that i could not even lie down. I know I have rocd and it is very bad right now. Your posts helped me to realize what this is and that I have had it for awhile along with other ocd tendencies in the past, but I need some initial steps to take to calm the fire somewhat because it is out of control so I can function.

  2. Hello blip. I just emailed you! Rocd was triggered by my engagement and my constant over thinking/worrying about everything! Getting married in a little over three months but I am still struggling! deciding to be a fear warrior and pushing through this, but a little advice wouldnt hurt! love your blog! so supportive, and beyond helpful. Nice to know we’re not alone.

  3. I have been struggling with this and I am to the point I am so numb to any emotions close to love I don’t know what to do. I really don’t feel like myself at all and it is so scary. I had thoughts orginally that started about 3 months ago and my anxiety subsided without any medication about 3 weeks ago but I still don’t feel “right” and my boyfriend still seems like a stranger to me. The part that is scaring me the most is that I can be positive or think of positives like I used to without intentionally thinking them. And worst of all I feel as if we have lost that “special connection” we had! All I want is all of that back. I hardly even cry anymore. I don’t even know if I have rOCD anymore…or ever for that matter.

  4. Hi, could you please write an article on getting diagnosed with rOCD? As I know it is a new type of illness I am worried that if i go to a Doctor and tell them then they will laugh, especially considering I am 15. When I say an article on getting diagnosed I mean what do you say to the doctor ad things like that.

  5. Hello ,
    Finally an answer to this dreadful feeling! I was scared I didn’t love my girlfriend anymore, but deep down I know that its rOCD and there are things that can be done to help. Thank you very much for creating this blog and helping so many individuals like myself.
    All the best

  6. How do I become apart of this blog ? lol I have never been on a blog before but I need help with my rocd ! and I think you are doing wonderful things : )

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