Guest post 2



Hi everyone,

Recently, I received an update from someone that I had started helping out a few months back asked her to share her improvement story on this blog. This is not a testimonial to my counselling skills by any means but a testimonial to her perseverance, patience, positive thinking and effort. There is no magic trick here. Here is P’s story:

I had my first OCD thought when I was 19. Since then I was living in a vicious circle of psychiatrists, antidepressants and bad therapists, who never really believed I could ever get better. A couple of years ago I decided it was enough and found myself a proper therapist. With his help I managed to get rid of all my medication but started having terrible withdrawal symptoms and some of my OCD and anxiety came back (especially ROCD). I didn’t want to start taking any drugs again and was looking on the internet to find help. That’s when I discovered this blog. After some hesitation I emailed the blogger and he offered to help me straight away. He told me how he got better and introduced me to meditation and mindfulness. Most importantly he gave me hope! I followed his instructions, started exercising and eating healthy, bought a few books on mindfulness and really got into it. I started meditating every day and focusing on living in the moment. Few months on I feel like a different person! I get up in the morning and I’m not miserable. I go to work and I don’t think “what is this all for, why should I bother?”. I look at my boyfriend and instead of having a million questions in my head, I know I love him more than anything. I learned to accept that nothing will ever be certain and that there will be times when I won’t feel in love with him. And maybe he won’t feel in love with me. But that’s life and I feel like I’m now much better equipped to deal with setbacks and difficult situations. And I look forward to whatever life brings next.

I am really happy that P found the strength to carry on through a very difficult period. But mostly importantly, that she developed a very good mindfulness attitude about her future – that no matter the circumstances, she will be able to deal with it.


  1. What an inspirational guest post!!
    It gives me so much hope that I can also beat this monster!
    I also bought some books about Mindfullness what Blip reccommended and have started to do the excercises as well. Also my therapist has thought be lots of good stuff.
    Its a hard illness to handle when the rocd-thoughts follow in every second of the day but thanks for being able to sleep, and got a very interesting dreams which can give some hint what is going on in the deeper level.
    It would be interesting to have a post about the dreams during ROCD – period.any thoughts about this Blip!
    Thank you P for sharing your story!!

  2. I had wondered about the dream stuff too. So I did some research and came up with this theory.

    It sort of links up to Blip’s bit on how the mind works. The part of the brain which has a lot of traits of OCD is the Reptillian mind. There is an argument among scientists that this oldest part of the brain is very similar to that that still remains in reptiles (hence the name) and is very basic. See -> Fear -> Run, there is no other level. Because they have no “awareness” they don’t actually dream. This is their entire reality so if they dreamed they would simply not recognise it as a dream only reality.

    Since we have evolved our Mammalian mind to include this awareness we can recognise dreams for dreams. The problem with people with OCD is that we often struggle to understand that things (thoughts) in our minds aren’t actually real/facts so dreams can often feel like they are some deep meaningful insight into our minds. To some extent they are, but it is actually our Reptillian mind creating our dreams which is why they often seem so Hollywood! Perhaps dreams are not to be trusted afterall!

  3. Thank you so much for this post… Sometimes I can’t tell what’s me or what’s the OCD… Especially when I haven’t had any rOCD moments in a while and then it creeps back up. I know it’s not exactly healthy to look for posts like these, but the reassurance once in a while really puts my mind at ease… I’m just happy that I’m not constantly on the verge of a panic attack anymore. I can’t wait until Blip finishes his/her book. Thank you.

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