Happy 2014 – and other news.

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone is doing OK and looking forward to 2014. I have great news in regards to the blog and book. The book is in its last stages and it will be available through iTunes very soon. The book is called “Love you, Love you not: breaking free from relationship OCD”. If there is enough demand I will work on a kindle version as well. There are 4 main chapters (with different subsections) in the book:

-Understanding rOCD

-Understanding Love

-Question and Answers (I have pooled anonymously all the questions that I have received  on personal email, in the past 18 months)

-Planning your recovery

Some material from the blog has been condensed and other material not on the blog added to the book. My wife has been helping me do this and I have been learning a lot from her in the process. She is also doing the final edit on the book.Not sure if I ever mentioned in any posts before but my wife has both a bachelors and post-graduate degree in Psychology. She is self-employed as a counsellor/life skills coach.  She has agreed to spend some of her time doing online Skype Counselling/life skills training for people in need. Her background and knowledge helped me a lot before we got married! This will be a paid service but I managed to get a discount from her  as many people have contacted me with difficulties either finding an appropriate therapist or being able to afford expensive care. Please drop me a line if you have any questions about this – pingfrance@hotmail.com

I am still trying to catch up on my backlog of emails but I will eventually reply to everyone that has written me! If you think that your email has slipped my net please email me again.

So, in summary:

1- the book will come out soon. Drop me a line if would like to see a kindle format as well.

2- Online Skype sessions will be available for those interested. These sessions will be run by my wife which is much more qualified than me!

3- Have a great 2014!



  1. How do we go about scheduling a therapy session, how much would it cost, etc. is this going to be good for all forms of OCD? In addition to rOCD, my OCD manifests itself in different ways as well. I assume the therapy and coping techniques are similar, if not the same?

    Blip, thank you. Your easy to read encouragement has made me feel validated, and less alone in this struggle. I appreciate your work, and I eagerly await your book.

    1. Hi Ana,

      My wife would only cover rOCD but I think that mindfulness would help with other forms of OCD. She is currently editing the book (my writing style can improve a lot ;). The sessions will cost around the £30 mark. There is no definite price yet as we are looking for other materials to be included as well.

  2. I am looking forward for the book.
    Sear all I confirm you that besides the rOCD that is affecting me since September 2013 I got married at the beginning of this year. Things are getting better and better. Still intrusive thoughts and lot of work to do but definitely there is a light out of the tunnel!!!!

    Happy 2014 to everybody!

  3. Happy 2014!
    Besides my rOCD I got married at the beginning of Jan.
    A lot of work still to do but definitely there is a light out of the tunnel!!

    Lokking forward for the book!

    Regards, Andre

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