Book available for purchase on iTunes

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Hi everyone,

Good news. After a long review process by Apple staff the book is now available on iTunes. Here is the link.

What is the difference between the blog and the book?

The book is written with a start, middle and an end in mind. It explains a process. Some of the content from the blog has been abridged, condensed and included in the book. New content has been created to explain this process better.

Why isn’t the book free?

Between my wife and I, we have spent more than 60 hours writing, editing and researching, learning how to use iTunes software, formatting pictures, etc. From the buyers perspective, the book costs around 15 dollars and the buyer will be paying less than 25 cents an hour for the labour. iTunes will keep 30% of any sales proceedings. We could also say that it costs 2 hours of someone’s salary on the minimum wage in the US. So, we believe that this is fair price and that people are getting a good deal.

Can I read it before I buy it?

According to iTunes policy, the first few pages of the book are free. You can have a good idea of how the book is structured and if it suits you. If you want to support this blog maintenance costs and future posts please buy the book! I am also sure that the book will be very useful to get you started on your recovery journey and it will help other people with rOCD understand the disease and make it more “real”.

What next?

After many interested e-mails we will focus on Skype counselling next. We would like to offer an alternative to people that cannot afford expensive therapy care.  Our goal is to empower you with enough tools for you to take on the recovery journey confidently.

UPDATE – PDF download.

After several requests here is the Paypal link for the book purchase. Send me your Paypal reference and I will email you the book within 24 hours or sooner. If you have any problems – email me at pingfrance@hotmail. I have tried to do a redirect from Paypal to the PDF but it is not working…


  1. First off, this is ace! Second, what about us dinosaurs without the technological requirements :\ Any print alternative?

    1. Hi, yes there are some alternatives. I can ask a company to print the file and send it to you or I could make a PDF available for purchase and you can read it on your computer.

      1. I would be interested in that alternative too! I don’t have any Mac nor Ipad nor I phone 😦 Should I send you an email or will you send a general link with a PDF we could purchase?
        I didn,t expect the book so soon. Thank you so much for all the work 🙂

    1. Hi

      I tried to download onto my phone but get a message to say you need an iPad or Mac . A PDF version would be fab if you could arrange this?


  2. Hi blip. I have the Adobe reader on my iPhone and i have payed for the book through the Paypal link. Do I Get the book by e-mail, or how does it work? Thanks for a great blog- can’t wait to read your book!:)

    1. Hi Sysy, I have just sent you the pdf. The screenshot is from the UK iTunes store (I live in the UK) and in the UK the currency is pounds not dollars. The funny symbol – £ – before the 8.99 represents pounds. If you convert that to dollars it will be close to 15 dollars. If you read the blog text where I explain the pricing, I clearly mention 15 dollars. This book was initially only for iTunes and priced at £8.99. People started to ask me about other formats and I made the pdf version afterwards. I tried to keep things fair to everyone by charging an equivalent amount in dollars. Most of the people that visit the site are from the US and that is why I set the price in dollars on Paypal. Hopefully this will clear any misunderstandings! 🙂

  3. Hey! Congratulations. I haven’t been aware of this site until a year ago, but it’s really helped me. I just bought the book and can’t wait until it is emailed to me. I hope you and your wife are very successful with this book. Thanks for all of the help!

  4. hello
    I have been suffering from rocd for over a year. I have had ocd all my life but the focus is on my relationship specifically for a year now. I have been on meds & attending cbt & started to feel progress but I have recently found out I am pregnant with #3 & have stopped meds. rocd has emerged with a serious bite. The worst part is the unhappy feeling it gives me within. I have started mindfulness but it’s early days. any advice ??

  5. Hello Blip,

    I have been suffering from OCD for a year and two months now, after my girlfriend and I started living together. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it isn’t. When it isn’t there, I sometimes fear that I am homosexual (HOCD).

    Last december, a colleague of mine said she and her boyfriend broke up. Since then the thought “Maybe I’d like to be single as well” started popping in and caused a lot of rumination. It’s the single worst thought I’ve ever had.
    I’ve just started CBT and mindfulness but I fear I will come to the wrong conclusions (eg. I do want to be single). Do you have any tips for that?

    Your website has been of great help for me (although I know im visiting for the wrong reasons sometimes: reassurance). I will definately buy your book so that I will gain a better understanding and hope to be able to deal with rOCD better.

    Thanks for everything


    1. Hi Tom,
      my tip is to go through the process and evaluate things at the end. I could give short term reassurance based on my experience but this is not the best thing in the long run.

  6. hello, dear 🙂 I was wondering if there is a way to get a solid copy of this book? I’ve been waiting so long for something like this.

    1. Hi, unfortunately there is no hard copy of this book. I did think about making some hard copies but in the end it would be more expensive for people to buy! So the next best thing is to print the pdf file :]

  7. I bought the book Monday and just finished it! Great read! I’ve been symptom free for almost 6 months and just had a rough last two weeks. Sometimes you forget the tools you learned to overcome the doubts. It’s helped me feel like I’m back on top of my OCD and I’ll keep working on it.

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