Some other old notes

Hi everyone,

I was doing some Spring cleaning (not Spring yet) and found some old notes from my therapy and mindfulness sessions. They really helped me to understand rOCD and what the first steps are in getting better. Here they are:

  • OCD looks for areas of rigidity, where we are not very flexible in our beliefs and targets them.
  • Short term goal. When we have an rOCD thought – “this is an OCD thought about…”. Start labelling thoughts.
  • Long term goal . We should slowly start to include possibility statements in our self-talk. For example ” I really do not want to break up, my world would end” vs. “It wouldn’t be great, it would hurt but it could be possible”. This shows OCD that we are not afraid of it and once we take away the target, it will have less strength. This also brings flexibility to our thinking.
  • Our goal is to be able to observe thoughts without evaluating and judging them or analysing them.
  • Do not fight it. Give permission to come in but do not get involved with the thought.
  • When anxiety is a dominant emotion it is very difficult to feel everything else. Learn to recognise anxiety feelings.
  • I know it is OCD because once I seem to find comfort in a thought, and “solved” my problem mentally, another contradictory thought comes up to discredit the first.

My favourite – Thoughts are not facts!

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.John Kabat-Zinn



      1. Hi I was wonderfing if you could shed some light. I am in an amazing loving and caring relationship. I love my boyfriend to death and I want to be with him for the rest of my life. I’ve been dealing with rocd for a while. Four years ago when we first met I was obsessed with the thought that I didn’t love him. Now I have an obsession that I love this “other man” who is an old friend ofnmine that lives in another state and I barely know him. I feel my stomach churn and and “uh oh, I think you love him!” Dialogue. I am an intelligent woman, i am also in recovery for rocd but I dont understand how can this manifest can feel so real. Sometimes I really believe that maybe that thought could be true. Any help would… help. Haha. Thanks.

  1. How do I stop the obsessive thinking after the breakup? I KNOW the thoughts are wrong and doing me no good. I just can’t stop the thinking, the imagined conversations, the analyzing, imagining negatives, etc.

    I’ve made myself miserable the entire three years of the relationship and I still can’t stop. Help!

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