Another good guest post.

Hi everyone,
here is another guest post. From time to time, I am privileged to be emailed these inspirational stories of people that would like to share their journey with others. I have underlined and bolded some elements that really stood out whilst I was reading it. Thanks for sharing CG.
“I have been suffering from OCD all my life, I just didn’t recognize it. There have been times when it was easier to cope with, especially when I met my partner more than three years ago. Last year, OCD came back with full force, and I was absolutely desperate. It was almost unbearable for me – I didn’t know how to move on, I didn’t know what was happening to me. Then I discovered this blog – entirely by chance. This was the first step: to know that I was not the only one, that this is just another face of OCD. I slowly started meditating and doing yoga, eating healthier and practising mindulness skills. I learned to accept the disease and I understood that no matter how involved I am in all this trouble, this man could still make me laugh. He was always by my side, even though I  hadn’t been myself for a long, long time. I finally understood that ruminating was the worst thing to do. And I learned that this was neither my fault, nor was it his. When I really started to accept the situation, things really improved. I’m taking a small dose of SSRI and consulted a psychotherapist who gave me some useful tools for working with OCD. Without this blog, it would have taken me much longer to recover.
I have learned to live with it, and I still have my bad days – but there are a lot of wonderful ones which mean the world to me. This might sound bad to someone who wants to be normal again so badly, but trust me, once the clouds start to disappear, life gets so much better.
Dear fellow OCD sufferers: hold on. Practise your mindfulness skills. Do meditation. Do yoga. Don’t ruminate. Accept things as they are – but keep on working. And dear Blip: thank you so much!
Well, I’m still with the most wonderful man alive and a few weeks ago, I asked him to marry me. He said yes.”


  1. What a lovely story, I literally sobbed when I heard that you proposed to your man! I have dreams of doing this and it feeling so very right… And as you will realise I am an rOCD suffer but am extremely excited that I found this blog and about my road to recovery. I’ve always obsessed about things and until I found my lovely man nearly a year and a half ago my obsessive thoughts never harmed anyone else but the moment I became close to someone they manifest themselves as rOCD. I remember finishing relationships early doors before because of anxiety feelings but always put it down to ‘them not being the right person’ but when I first finished with my current partner and was devastated yet relieved from anxiety I knew something else was a play! I nearly lost my best friend, team mate, soul mate and lover and I had to woke out what was going on. I far from over rOCD, actually I accept I may never be ‘over’ it but I realisethat I’m only 1 degree away from normal. Everyone has doubts, worrys, questions….it’s just I (we who are reading this blog) take it a step too far and obsess about them. My man is by my side even though I pushed him away several times and nearly lost him. I have panic attacks and he is there for me…I’m the luckiest person in the world me right now(my rOCD is not kicking in) I’m feeling totally overhwelmed and in love…. I realise I’ve got work to do and a journey ahead but with the support of my man and now everyone on here, bring on the challenge! Good luck to all of you tackling this evil monster, let’s fight it together! Looking forward to hearing from you all.

    1. Dear Harriet,
      it is so lovely to read “Let’s fight it together”! This monster can be so strong and I often feel like I can’t beat it, but I keep on hoping and moving on and to know, that we all fight it together makes me happy!
      All the best to you and to all of you!! We’re going to beat it!!

    2. Hi Harriet, thank you for your message. I just found this blog last night and I am so relieved it is not just me.. I have been suffering for about 5 months and battling everyday with intense anxiety. You mentioned that you felt relieved when you broke up but also devastated.. Could you talk a little more about that? I often think that I am making myself sicker simply because I do not break up with my partner ; once I do, I will be restored to perfect health..

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