A guest post from Holland

Hi everyone,


Lately I have been getting many emails from people wanting to share what has worked for them in regards to improving their rOCD. It is really interesting to get someone else’s perspective other than mine, as it might resonate with other people better. So here it is!


On choosing acceptance 

My name is Jel, I am a 31-year old woman in a 1,5 relationship with a lovely man. rOCD first hit me a few months ago. It was simply awful. I went through all the stages of rumination, anxiety, panic attacks, numbness and endless doubt. Now, a few months in, I feel rather good. I know I will have some bad days to come, but I will try and deal with them. I went to see a therapist (mostly CBT) and signed myself up for a course of mindfulness. But what also helped a great deal was acceptance.  
You mentioned on your blog that a lot of sufferers get stuck on the point of acceptance of rOCD, because we always doubt if we really suffer from this disease. And because of that doubt, and the endless search for an answer, we do not really get any further in treating rOCD.
The same thing happened to me. Even though I started to feel a lot better, the thought that ‘this isn’t rOCD, I must be really wanting to end my relationship’ just kept making me feel awful and ruminating.  To give you my example, of how strong my doubt can be:
Despite my dad having OCD and me being diagnosed with anxiety disorder and OCD by specialists twice, on bad days I still doubt I have rOCD. Every ‘normal’ person would roll their eyes over this doubt, because there is just so much evidence to prove it! But I doubt it, and since I have OCD I am always going to doubt it. There is just no certainty to be found that will ever make me stop doubting.
So, at a certain point, I realized, there is no point in keeping up the search for that certainty. What I did instead was, I made a choice: I chóóse to believe I have rOCD!

And that helps! So for fellow sufferers, even if there’s a little voice (or a huge one) that tells you to doubt, try to live and be as if you DO believe you have rOCD. The doubt will be there anyway, so it is at least worth the try of believing you really are a rOCD sufferer. You might think you’re just fooling yourself (hello OCD) Well then, just fool yourself, why not give it a try? Because then, you have the right mindset to treat your thoughts as rOCD and make some progress.




  1. Hi jel, loved your post and for me it is good to know i am not the only dutch person suffering rocd
    Greetz chantal

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for this post! It helps a lot to know that I am not the only one in Holland with rOCD.

  3. What a relief there more Dutch people suffering with rOcd.
    I really love this page,when I’m having a down period..
    Maybe there’s a rOcd forum somewhere?

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