Open question/suggestions

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I last posted here. As always I try not to overload this blog with information and I rather focus on quality rather than quantity.

As a move towards quality, I am trying to assess potential interest from people in relation to an online course/toolbox for dealing with rOCD. As I understand it, some people, prefer the interaction and would benefit from a daily reminder/follow up that would put them on the right track. This is how I think it could look like:

1) 4-12 week course

2) links to videos and other content

3) weekly/daily homework

4) tracking/feedback forms or reports

5) support forum (where people share strategies not problems ­čÖé


This would require an investment of time and money from me as I would have to create new content, migrate this blog to another server and buy the necessary software/plugins to run this course/training. As much as I would like to present this resource as free, it will be impossible for me to do so. However, I still think that this could be done at a very reasonable price (maybe a a one time off fee of 30-50 dollars).


I would love to hear your views on this and maybe other things that you would like to see in an online “course”.



  1. Hello bruno Sheryl paul does that for sufferers of relationship anxiety. You should go and watch her website. She made courses but there are too much expensive but could be more possible for much people to buy of it s less than 50 dollars ! Kiss

    Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2014 16:41:06 +0000 To:

  2. Yes! I would be very interested in this. I plan on doing the same for Sheryl Paul’s “Conscious Transitions” e-course. It’s just more expensive. But it seems like something I’d find helpful.

  3. Yes! Please! It would be such a relief, I’m in such a horrible cycle of doubt and confusion, and have such a hard time motivating myself!

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