Why rOCD might be harder to treat today

Hello everyone,

busy couple of weeks babysitting the little one in the evenings so that my wife can finish off her MSc (Psychology). I have really lucked out as my wife finds time to keep the household running, work on her dissertation and takes care of the toddler during the day. I am still catching up on a backlog of emails and comments on the website. People are coming back from the summer and trying to settle back into new or old routines and the day-to-day reality is starting to settle in.

During summertime, we keep ourselves busy and well entertained and in most instances rOCD takes a backseat. With the end of summer, rOCD starts to take a front row seat now. Maybe because of stress or other factors. I have been starting to notice a common theme when it comes to mindfulness and the e-mails I have been receiving. I will share it here because I think people will benefit from it. When I ask people about mindfulness, most of the time these are the two most common answers:

“I have tried mindfulness.” Or “I have done mindfulness a couple of times”.

Let me ask you this question. You know you have a marathon to run and you know you need to train for it. Can you imagine before the race starts, saying: “I went running a couple of times” or “I have tried running”?

Relationship OCD is not a sprint and it will never be. It is one of the hardest marathons that you will ever run.

Ask yourself another question – is the work of genius a gift or hard work? Would Michelangelo have been capable of producing his lifeworks if he had been as distracted as us?

This is what he said of himself –

If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.

Your ability to focus, be diligent and be patient with yourself will largely determine your progress.

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  1. Hi!
    I’m a fellow rOCD sufferer that somehow have been able to come pretty far on my recovery journey. :)(A turning point for me was when I pin-pointed my reassurance activities and took a few at a time to stop doing. Google rOCD was one if them. Gosh, there’s articles that I have read way too many times!) I still definitely have moments and days where the anxiety hits me and I know it’s something that I will always live with, but most of the time hopefully not suffer from. I can tell my full story another time 🙂
    A big part of moving forward for me is practicing yoga and I wanted to just share a bit from yoga philosophy;The concept of Samskaras. Before even hearing about this I sometimes thought of my obsessive thoughts as taking a “high way” in my brain and realizing that I have train myself to take other, unknown “paths”. Here’s two blog posts that I found interesting on this subject. Maybe that can inspire someone to go and take a yoga class or start a yoga/meditation practice at home.




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