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Send me your Paypal reference after purchase and I will email you the book within 24 hours or sooner. If you have any problems – email me at pingfrance@hotmail. I have tried to do a redirect from Paypal to the PDF but it is not working…


What is the difference between the blog and the book?

The book is written with a start, middle and an end in mind. It explains a process. Some of the content from the blog has been abridged, condensed and included in the book. New content has been created to explain this process better.

Why isn’t the book free?

Between my wife and I, we have spent more than 60 hours writing, editing and researching, learning how to use iTunes software, formatting pictures, etc. From the buyers perspective, the book costs around 15 dollars and the buyer will be paying less than 25 cents an hour for the labour. iTunes will keep 30% of any sales proceedings. We could also say that it costs 2 hours of someone’s salary on the minimum wage in the US. So, we believe that this is fair price and that people are getting a good deal.

Can I read it before I buy it?

According to iTunes policy, the first few pages of the book are free. You can have a good idea of how the book is structured and if it suits you. If you want to support this blog maintenance costs and future posts please buy the book! I am also sure that the book will be very useful to get you started on your recovery journey and it will help other people with rOCD understand the disease and make it more “real”.


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I have read through your book in a couple of days, and wanted to thank you both greatly for such a helpful book. Of all the books on OCD I have read (and there have been many) this has definitely been the most helpful! It was really encouraging and positive and didn’t linger on the symptoms or “spikes” that different people have. 
It was also really helpful to see some guiding principles in understanding love. Knowing these few basic principles actually helped me have a much more realistic view of love and helped me be more patient and understanding of my partner. I love the quotes used. Everything gave me the feeling that I can cope and move on, even if I’m never “cured” of OCD. 


    1. Hi there,
      at the moment there are no plans for a hard copy. There are two reasons for this: first, the book is around 56 pages – it would make a very thin hard copy. Second, it would be too expensive to produce. People would not want to pay upwards of 30 dollars for a 56 page book. Hence the PDF. People can use the PDF and print it out…

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