Support this blog

Please help make this blog better by donating. This is what I would like to do:

    1. Move this blog to a .com domain thus reaching far more people. Done this. has been secured for a year!
    2. Publish a list of free resources for all the rOCD sufferers around the world.
    3. Try to secure discounts for people wanting to consult OCD specialists.
    4. Develop online tools and a structured online program to help people improve  their rOCD.
    5. Summarise the best articles, books and most up to date resources.
    6. Develop a Monthly newsletter.
    7. Any other things that people with rOCD would like to see here.


Why am I asking for support?

Some of the people that contacted me when I first started the blog on, found the initial blog very basic and difficult to navigate. Unfortunately, higher functionality comes at a price as the best website/blog templates require a purchase from WordPress. I have invested my personal money to secure the domain for a year and anti-spammer protection.

There are still a lot of things that I would like to do in the future (see above). And the only way to move forward is with a little help from everyone!


Sharing your story

I would also be very interested in hearing from your recovery stories. I suspect other people will too. No matter how big or small. Send me your short story focusing on positive action points and less on symptoms of rOCD. I will post it on the blog.We want people to see that recovery is possible through small steps and a better outlook of life! here is the email


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